The human spirit in motion - captivating

To trade brute force for controlled strength. Using the body to weave near impossible lines through space and time. Defying both the perceived limits of human physiology and the law of gravity itself. Expressing an entire life’s tale without uttering a word and at a moment; epitomising the purpose of being. The ballet exists in itself to be first performed, secondly to be viewed. 

"Capturing the best of what is lost." This has been Eugenia's underpinning creative brief when endeavouring to represent the ballet on canvas. Bringing to life through oils the transcendent quality of powerful choreography and adept skill that appears too often simple at first glance. 

In this life, beauty should be celebrated in all its forms and at every occurrence. 



Featured Showcase

Red Sparrow (2018)
Prism (2017)
Iphupa Lam (2018)
Burn's Phoenix (2017)


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